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Gorger's favourites from 2014

Nomination, hand picking and assembly of this summary has been time consuming enough if I wasn't also supposed
to write a synopsis for every entry. It's a darned pity I haven't written about these swell recordings in English.
All links are altered from pointing to a review to the best available stream I could find.
The order within each section is relatively random, but the top is likely to be somewhat stronger than the bottom.

Part I: Best Debutants

Some of 2014's most pleasant surprises from the scene newcomers.
Artists may be old veterans, but the constellations are relatively fresh.

Human CollapsBjarmCloudsConquering Dystopia
MorodhMortiferaShylmagoghnarWe All Die (Laughing)
DrownedMesmurThe DeathtripKaunis Kuolematon
SeprevationSlagbjørnTemple of VoidWraithmaze

barbed wire

Part II: Best releases from relatively fresh and partly unknown artists.

This is typically bands that now have a few albums to show for.
Some of them have started to make themselves a name in the underground. They all deserve that.

AtroxentisAlbez DuzKriegsmaschineNarrow House
No RazaSchammaschThy Darkened ShadeWhispered
Frozen DawnGormathonMisericordiaMorbid Flesh
NidsangWinter Of SinQuintessence MysticaRetribution

barbed wire

Part III: Best releases from reasonably well known artists.

These bands have a bit longer experience than those above, although not all names are renowned.
The bands mostly have good name in the underground, but haven't climbed to the top quite yet.

A Hill To Die UponAscensionInfestumAenaon
Morbus ChronPosthumSatarielTortorum

Runner-ups, or other nominated candidates:
Belligerent IntentGoatwhoreHatriotKauanRauhnåcht


Part IV: Best releases from established bands.

It took a while to sort out my favourites among releases of the most notorious habitual criminals.
Some are “veterans” without being particularly famous, others are notorious without long experience. Enjoy!

Dark FortressSinisterBehemothBelphegor
Mourning DawnNightbringerNovembers DoomPestilential Shadows
TriptykonVaderRevel In FleshBeneath
Hour of PenanceIskaldDemonic ResurrectionNoctem
Nocturnal BreedDevilish ImpressionsDoom:VSNecrophagia