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2016 part 4/6 : July → August



Gespenst - Forfald Dice 5/6

Duplicate Records, 04.08.16
This is an album I've been looking forward to since the first song preview became available about half a year ago. After receiving the promo, with a euphoric sense of carnivorous butterflies in the stomach, just over a week ago, Forfald has been played almost daily.
I have, however, struggled to find the right words to convey the essence of this ominously, haunted black metal, spawned in Denmark.

Gespenst: (Danish / German) ghost, spirit, phantom, apparition, revenant et al.

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Monolithe - Zeta Reticuli Dice 4/6

Debemur Morti Productions, 08.07.16
It hasn't been much more than half a year since French Monolithe initiated their second musical saga with Epsilon Aurigae.
The band is already finished with the next chapter, as they actually commenced on it even before the predecessor was released. As with Epsilon, Zeta consists of three songs at precisely 15 minutes each.

Those who enjoyed the band's last creation, will probably also appreciate the latest, but the band doesn't break any new ground in the same way as last time.

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Grey Heaven Fall - Black Wisdom Dice 6/6

Aesthetics of Devastation, 30.10.15
Full-length albums comes in many different forms. Some offer a variety of different songs, each with a distinctive core, while others only offer a dozen random, disjointed aimless tracks. Some albums have an overall coherent feeling, without direct storyline relation, and others have a common leitmotif, going straight through the collection of song as a red thread led by a sewing needle. Others becomes more like a unison grey mass, while a few offer music that is truly a work of art in its own right. Where the various corners of the canvas may be radically different, yet inevitably linked together.

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Volbeat - Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie Dice 5/6

Universal, 03.06.16
The Danish lads of the band Dominus started up 25 years ago, but never quite found the fairest wind to hoist their sails, and never quite managed to decide what style to go with, changing genre from album to album. The band split up shortly after the millennium shift, and three of the former (Do)m(in)usicians started Volbeat 15 years ago, named after Dominus' third album Vol.Beat.
The band debuted strongly with The Strength / The Sound / The Songs 11 years ago, but broke through for real with the sophomore Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil a few years later.

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