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2016 part 3/6 : May → June



Sheidim - Shrines of the Void Dice 5/6

Dark Descent Records, 24.06.16
Sheidim is yet another debutant entering the ring. Unlike quite a few newcomers, these Spaniards definitely have a reason to march with a proud stance, since they really have something to offer. The band has already managed to make their mark, and some have mentioned Watain as a reference. If so, it should be considered as a compliment.
The Swedes are so divergent in their expression that it's fairly impossible to imitate them without writing equally strong songs. The alternative is to be rapidly revealed as second-class imitators.

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Zørormr - The Aftermath Dice 5/6

Via Nocturna, 10.06.16
Zørormr, is a rewrite of Norse “Sør ormr”, meaning “South snake” although I'm not quite sure which deeper philosophy may lie behind the “Serpent of the south”. The one-man band belongs to Polish Moloch who also runs the label Via Nocturna. Nevertheless, he doesn't insist on doing everything on his own, and sensibly enough makes use of guest artists to give his creations the best terms.
After three albums, The Aftermath EP puts a worthy end to the band's first era. Still, I have spent just as much time with the previous album...

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Sacrilegious Impalement - III - Lux Infera Dice 5/6

Woodcut Records, 01.05.16
This is simply a translation of one of the very first reviews I presented on this site, way back in 2013. The album in question was released on CD in April that year, and has recently been re-released on vinyl.

I didn't feel like 2013 was the overall best year for black metal, though trve puritans would probably say that no year since 1993 has been so.
Sacrilegious Impalement however blew me away, as I didn't expect that kind of quality from a band I hadn't heard of before.

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The Vision Bleak - The Unknown Dice 5/6

Prophecy Productions, 03.06.16
The two adventurous gentlemen in The Vision Bleak has prepared us for this journal from the beyond via the travelogue that was in our hands near the end of April. We'll come back to that one.
Schwadorf and Konstanz considers The Unknown as a fresh start. Having sought mysteries and hunted monsters, ghosts and witches on their journey across the seven seas and through Europe's mountain ranges, ravines and forests, they want to explore new territory and battle inner demons on a journey toward what even to them appear as uncharted, alien and unknown.

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Stortregn - Singularity Dice 4/6

Non Serviam Records, 27.05.16
Swiss Stortregn reminds slightly of Thulcandra, which in turn gives clear associations to Dissection. We are of course talking about melodic black/death.
The band's first album, Uncreation (2011), mixed aggressiveness and cascading melodies, something the band also continued with on Evocation Of Light (2013). I was still a little hard on the album when it was disapproved after 3-4 rounds. I was more efficient, though also less nuanced back then. In addition, I only had the gradations V and X to work with.

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Winterhorde - Maestro Dice 6/6

ViciSolum Productions, 20.05.16
Israeli Winterhorde have the wits to put quality before quantity, and in many ways surpasses their previous works, which was in itself well received.
A matter of taste, of course, but the band does things well here, and most people should find much to enjoy.
That it's been six years between releases can be considered much from a band on the threshold of success, but when a band has made a name for themselves by focusing on quality, having a name that is remembered just might be enough when the name sooner or later appears on concert posters or other places.

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Schammasch - Triangle Dice 5/6

Prosthetic Records, 29.04.16
Swiss Schammasch has attracted their share of well deserved attention both in underground and the higher spheres with their solid debut Sic Lvceat Lvx and the extremely strong sequel Contradiction. Their third album is a trilogy in which each part lasts for 33:30.
3 is evidently a number with significance in the quartet's world of spiritual black magic.
So, is third time another charm, or is three a crowd, as oppose to two being good company?

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