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Reviews Week 19 - 2018



Varathron - Patriarchs Of Evil Dice 5

Agonia Records, 27.04.18
The Greek warriors in Varathron are back in the circus ring to give another display of Hellenic black metal.
My relationship to the veterans was documented in Norwegian in connection with their previous album.
Despite some remarks, I basically had a taste for both the album and the subsequent EP.
Admittedly, the album Untrodden Corridors of Hades was somewhat disappointing, partly due to expectations.
The The Confessional of the Black Penitents EP, might not have been mandatory, but with its historical perspective, it became an interesting rarity.

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Ihsahn - Àmr Dice 3

Candlelight Records, 04.05.18
Ihsahn has arrived at his seventh solo album. Which just goes to show that I've long since lost count.
The Adversary was a great piece of prog metal. After that, my impression has varied, although the living legend admittedly always delivers in an impressive way.
Das Seelenbrechen (2014) was the last album I caught. Thus I missed out on two years old Antarktis.
My impression of Das Seelenbrechen was rather limited. After many years and all kinds of impressions from Emperors's former composer, I approach Àmr cautiously and with an open mind.

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Nekrokraft - Servants Dice 4

The Sign Records, 04.05.18
Swedish Nekrokraft was crafted in 2012, and have just released their second full-length.
Servants were conceived during the freezing midwinter of last year in East Gothland. They've brought along negative temperatures and blizzards, and are thus ready to spread their frost with the freezing winds.
There goes that spring sensation, dammit.
In the same way as the pain is burning when the ears are exposed to icy winds, you're at risk of charred ear canals by the flaming black/thrash ice-gust of these Swedes.

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Adversvm - Aion Sitra Ahra Dice 4

Iron Bonehead, 04.05.18
New day, new debutants. This time from Germany. The basis is funeral doom, but the album Aion Sitra Ahra avoids both single-minded genre approach and mono-tonous appearance by adding variations to both style and execution.
Adversvm was started by vocalist, guitarist and bassist S.G. in 2015. Along with him, is an unknown number of session musicians, who takes care of drums, synthesizer and programming.
Two songs were presented as a demo a year ago.
Now, time is ripe to unleash all these nightmarish tones.

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Voidthrone - Kur Dice 3

Independent, 04.05.18
The atonal black/death ensemble Voidthrone from Seattle is out with their second album.

When I received the promo for Kur, I noted down the word EP, followed by a question marks, as I suspected that someone had simply forgotten to mention it in the press-release.
It turns out, however, that Kur is a short full length with four tracks over the course of just 24 minutes.

That's enough, though - the music taken into account.

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