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Reviews Week 18 - 2018



Cruachan - Nine Years Of Blood Dice 5

Trollzorn, 27.04.18
Ireland's never-tiring pagan/folk metallers are once again back with a vengeance. Among those of their 7 previous albums that I've heard, the album Folk-Lore (2002) has stuck with me the most.
The Irishmen's eighth full length represents the third and final chapter of the blood trilogy, commenced in 2011.
As usual in Cruachan's universe, each song seems to be formed separately and given its own identity. The songs nevertheless form a coherent whole.
As the songs live their own lives, Nine Years Of Blood still doesn't feels like a concept album.

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Kroda - Selbstwelt Dice 5

Purity Through Fire, 30.04.18
Its been 14 years since a Ukrainian duo named Kroda released their first work, Поплач мені, річко... (Cry to me, River...), characterized by fiery black metal and pagan atmosphere with ravishing pipes.
In 2010, after four albums and various other releases, this collaboration came to an end.
Eisenslav took over the compositional duties and gathered up a full band, amongst other consisting of some previous live members. Three out of the five who took part in what became a sextet, were long involved, but now only two seem to remain.

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Grá - Ramsvarta Tankar (Singel) & Väsen Dice 5

Carnal Records, 24.03.17 & 27.04.18
Swedish Grá was rapidly presented in connection with a split with Gnosis of the Witch three years ago.
This was followed by the album Ending the same year.
A year ago, a two-track single followed, before the black metal band from Stockholm now release their third full-length.
The three year old split left me with a positive attitude toward Grá, and last year's single, Ramsvarta Tankar, fortunately doesn't change that.
We might as well start off with a few words about the single, whose name means “Pitch Black Thoughts”.

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