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Reviews Week 13 - 2018



Barren Earth - A Complex of Cages Dice 4

Century Media Records, 30.03.18
Finnish Barren Earth soon made a name for themselves with the first album, Curse of the Red River (2010). It was quite natural to compare the debut to Amorphis. In fact, Barren Earth sounded more Amorphis than Amorphis themselves at the time. Even with a minor Jethro Tull-ish prog-touch. Something that (along with the line-up) could help explain the quick success.
Two more albums have seen the light of the day in the meantime. These have shown the band from a more progressive side, and have not necessarily been as immediately readily available.

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Monotheist - Scourge Dice 4

Prosthetic Records, 16.03.18
About a decade ago, when MySpace filled the role that Bandcamp does today, I discovered a band that merged uncompromising death metal of a tolerably brutal sort, with progressive and classical song structures.
The band was Monotheist from Orlando, Florida, and the recording was Unforsaken, first released as demo in 2007 before being re-released as full-length in 2012.
Following up this, would take longer than the band had reckoned. In 2013, the Americans finally released the EP Genesis of Perdition, where long compositions had been replaced with shorter, more jazzed songs.

barbed wire

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