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Reviews Week 12 - 2018



Balmog - Vacuum Dice 4

War Anthem Records, 16.03.18
We're going back to the North West corner of the Iberian Peninsula, to the trio Balmog, whom we visited a couple of months ago, in connection with their participation on a split with Sartegos.

At the time, I mentioned comparisons to Sheidim*, and I have previously mentioned similarities between the latter and Watain*.

Thus, you should be aware of what musical (and even geographical) landscapes Balmog slither through.

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Profane Burial - The Rosewater Park Legend Dice 4

Apathia Records, 23.03.18
In 2013, the two Norwegians Kjetil Ytterhus (Omnia Moritur) and André Aaslie (Images At Twilight, Abyssic et al.) formed the band Profane Burial, to combine a black metallic expression with majestic orchestral dramaticism. With more supplements to the line-up, the band has grown into a quintet.
Unlike the typical procedure in André's other bands, the two creators have collaborated on the orchestration. Mr. Aaslie has also used his vocal, at the same time as the band has a dedicated vocalist in Ronny Thorsen (Viper Solfa, ex-Trail Of Tears, ex-Blood Red Throne.

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Et Moriemur - Epigrammata Dice 5

Transcending Obscurity Records, 20.03.18
Et Moriemur is a Czech band, basing their musical foundation on orchestra death/doom. They might not take the genre “to new heights”, but at least they take it to foreign lands and days of yore.
On their newest work, lasting for as much as 53 minutes, the Czechs mix different related genres into a fresh pot-pourri, and a distinctive requiem.
The band was formed ten years ago, and has come to their third full length. I haven't heard the previous two, but they have also got ample duration, that go beyond 50 minutes.

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Kaoteon - Damnatio Memoriae Terningkast 4

Independent, 23.02.18
Kaoteon has had to fight more doggedly than most for their passion, but they've remained loyal and proved their devotion to extreme metal.
The duo hails from Lebanon, where government and clergy must be said to be inseparable, as various leaders of the parliament is obligated by law to be affiliated with christianity or islam respectively.
Kaoteon was formed 20 years ago. First, under the spelling Chaotaeon. The band had to change their name slightly, however, as the regime's police took the name for being a translation of the Arabic word “devils”.

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