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Reviews Week 10 - 2018



Infraktor - Exhaust Dice 2

Rastilho Metal Records, 02.03.18
Infraktor is a fairly new band from Portugal. The band has about five years behind them, but has (if I understand it correctly) been on a hiatus. This is nevertheless the quintet's first sign of life.
The Portuguese play thrash metal with a deadly twist. The guys deliver - at least initially - angry, aggressive and speedy thrash furore on their debut album Exhaust. The sound and instrumentation is full of blistering punch, and immediately invites to extensive head-banging.
However, it's not fire all that glows...

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Afsky - Sorg Dice 5

Vendetta Records & Broken Silence, 09.03.18
When the moon shines, pale and lonely, when the freezing wind kills, the sound of a death march will break what's left of silence, as the wind whistles hushed while sweeping over a frozen snow-clad winter scenery.

Chains rattle. Heavy feet trample to a steady beat in dry, squeaking snow when men with hanging heads walk toward their final destiny. Death doesn't pardon anyone. Especially not a group of men sentenced to death, on their terminal journey.

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Triumphator - Wings of Antichrist Dice 4

Shadow Records & Regain Records, 28.02.18
Wings of Antichrist was released in 1999 on somewhat legendary Necropolis Records, and is allegedly considered by some to be one of the most undervalued or overlooked works within classic Scandinavian black metal of the nineties. If they'd waited a year with this re-launch, they could've call it a jubilee.
Triumphator was created by, among others, Marcus Tena, owner of Shadow Records, in 1995, and has had a few familiar faces in the ranks.
Wings of Antichrist has been re-issued several times, including through renowned Listenable Records.

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Azziard - Liber Primus - Métampsychose Dice 5

Malpermesita Records, 08.12.17
French Azziard has previously released two full-lengths. Both inspired by World War I. The second of them, Vésanie, became my first encounter with the band, and it was a very positive surprise. The band hereby kicks off the first part of a new concept.
Prior to this release, the band made a small recap of their progress and success thus far, when in November releasing the Disruption EP. This testimony to their development, in the form of a mini-compilation, presenting a few tracks from their new works, as well as three songs from earlier in the career.

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Necrophobic - Mark of the Necrogram Dice 5

Century Media Records, 23.02.18
Almost 4.5 years have passed since Swedish Necrophobic last honoured us with their presence. Not counting the Pesta EP, which is basically a single.
The band has been through a number of internal replacements since last time. Half the band has been replaced. Only the rhythm section consists. Including original member Joakim Sterner, the band's drummer for almost 30 years. The “new” guys are actual old-timers who are back in the saddle.
With Mark of the Necrogram, the band feels that the line-up is complete, and they feel rejuvenated.

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Dominant - The Summoning Delightful

Lacerated Enemy Records, 01.01.18
Much suggests that only two guys makes up the hard core of this new death metal battalion. In total, however, four men have left their mark on The Summoning, the first sign of death from Norwegian Dominant.
Bassist André Bjerring also plays live with another death metal band, while guitarist and songwriter Robin Larsen has had a few more irons in the fire.
To open a new chapter in their career with a bang, the duo has hired American Jimmy Javins, vocalist in Necrotic Disgorgement, and Brynjar “Tapir” Helgetun, Norway's answer to Rogga Johansson, on drums.



Sorrowful Land - Where The Sullen Waters Flow Good

Solitude Productions, 15.12.17
Max Molodtsov is the western way of spelling the name of the Ukrainian behind Sorrowful Land. On the first demo, he worked with Swedish vocalist Peter Laustsen, from When Nothing Remains and Nox Aurea.

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Max was soon enough left on his own.

In November 2016, he released the debut album Of Ruins..., a beautiful 50 minute death/doom opus, that I never got around to write about.

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