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Reviews Week 9 - 2018



Ifernach - Maqtewek Nakuset Fairly good

Nekrart Productions, 08.10.17
The one-man band Ifernach comes from the small town of Chandler on the Gaspésie peninsula in Canada's Quebec province. The Peninsula is called Gespe'gewa'gi by the native Mi'gmaq indigenous people, who live in the area where Canada and the United States meet on the eastern coast of North America, between the St. Lawrence River and the North Atlantic Ocean.
I don't know whether Mr. Finian Patraic has indigenous blood in his veins, but he finds his inspiration in exploring the surrounding nature, the mysticism of the ancestors and the Gespe'gewa'gi tribe's folklore and conflicts.

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01.03.18 The Malkuth Grimoire Liquid Anatomy

Three years ago, the German “super group” Alkaloid dropped their masterful debut The Malkuth Grimoire. In a fumbling attempt on categorization, I ended up with “progressive death metal with technical components and melodic finesse” as an attemptable description.
In February, this was released on vinyl via Season of Mist.
When the sequel is now being announced, I think it's worth mentioning. Sophomore Liquid Anatomy is scheduled for May 18th, and I'll return with the details.

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Avslut - Deceptis Dice 6

Osmose Productions, 23.02.18
I've really looked forward to investing time in the debut album of Swedish Avslut.
That the band comes from Sweden, ain't difficult to hear. The fact that the place of birth is Stockholm, doesn't come as a surprise either.
The band has been around for two years, and dropped an EP and two singles in 2016. The quintet among other consists of C. (ex-Katharos), one of two vocalists and one of three guitarists, and drummer O., who also wield his drumsticks for In Reverence.

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Ataraxy - Where All Hope Fades Dice 4

Dark Descent Records, 16.02.18
The Spanish Quartet Ataraxy can celebrate ten years of existence. However, it doesn't seem as if the band thinks they've got a whole lot to celebrate, for the music is far from jolly.

The band is out with their second album, where heavy melancholic death metal encounters the essence of hope-lessness in the form of doomy misery.

So leave all hope behind, and sink deep down, into a place Where All Hope Fades...

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Cultus Profano - Sacramentum Obscurus Dice 5

Debemur Morti Productions, 23.02.18
A handful of bands have recently delivered very convincing black disgust cast in a timeless, primitive and necrotic mold. Cultus Profano step up to joins the ranks of the elitist league.

The duo surprisingly enough hail from Los Angeles. Surprisingly, since the percentage of American black metal that I approve of is, alas, disappointingly low.

All the niftier, then, to come across a band you can genuinely take your hat off to.

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