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Reviews Week 8 - 2018



Neter - Inferus Dice 5

Satanath Records, 15.01.18
In the last six months I've written very scarcely about pure death metal. Too many bands with a steadfast relationship to the most traditional approach, can make even good albums feel generic.
Although copycats can be found within every sub-genre, differentiation seem to have a somewhat higher status in black metal; a genre with an extra draw on outcasts.
But back to dath metal. Sometimes one comes across bands that deliver their barbaric crushing riffs with so much killer mood that it becomes impossible not to succumb to the steamroller.

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Spite - Antimoshiach Dice 4

Invictus Productions, 02.02.18
Spite is a one-man band based in Brooklyn, New York. Spite was born in 2010, and has tried out the three formats single, split and EP, before time is ripe for the mother of all formats; the full length.

He calls himself Salpsan, the man behind Spite. He participates in a few other constellations, and has played drums live for Negative Plane for a short period of time.

Spite plays a kind of colourful black metal, if one can put it that way.

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Lykantrop - VE Dice 3

Ewiges Eis Records, 22.01.18
Expectations is the mother of all disappointments. It's quite possible I'm repeating myself now, as this sounds like something I would say, but memory is unfortunately becoming a stranger to me.
The debut album with the short and enigmatic title VE, forces me to adjust my expectations, or rather: throw them over board.
These expectations are partly due to the cover art. What would you expect to find behind a tough and beastly cover that show teeth in a blood-dripping manner? Perhaps something untamed, rabid, rough and corrosive?

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Ulvegr - Vargkult Dice 4

Ashen Dominion, 30.01.18
Ulvegr was started just short of ten years ago in Ukraine's second largest city, Kharkiv. The band has operated as a stable duo since its inception, but has acquired its share of studio musicians when needed.
Guitarist and vocalist Helg (Khors) and drummer Odalv (Elderblood, ex-Nokturnal Mortum) must enjoy each other's company. They also cooperate in the bands Ygg, Kzohh and Runes of Dianceht.
Vargkult is the band's fifth album, and follows speedily after the previous album. Titahion: Kaos Manifesto was released in April last year, to acclaim from some.

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