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Reviews Week 7 - 2018



Tongues - Hreilia Dice 4

I, Voidhanger Records, CD: 08.12.17 - LP: 05.02.18
Tongues is a relatively new extreme metal entity from Denmark. The trio released its first EP in 2014, and debuted in full-length format in December.
Now Hreilia is also available on vinyl, and in connection with this, Tongues has earned a short presentation.
As a manifestation of negativity, Tongue paint a black picture. Your life, your reality, is their canvas. With a vibrant, almost physical presence, the music becomes a personification of your inner pessimism.

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Morvigor - Tyrant Dice 6

Independent, 11.11.17
Morvigor comes from the outskirts of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and has been active since 2011.
The quintet basically consisted of new faces. Even vocalist Jesse Peetoom, who has since become part of a small handful of bands, did not have many irons in the fire at the time.
Just after releasing the debut album A Tale of Suffering in 2014, the band experienced its first, and so far only member change.
You can roughly say that the band plays black/death, but the Dutch stands out significantly.

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Lord Of Pagathorn - Daimono Philia Dice 5

Woodcut Records, 31.01.18
I thought it likely that Lord Of Pagathorn was a new addition to the Finnish black metal scene, but not this time.
The band had a short-term engagement in the nineties, between 92 and 95. During these years, they left a single demo and a rehearsal tape behind as testimony.
After 25 years on ice, the band again picked up the threads in late 2010. After demo and EP, the time was finally ripe for the first full-length in 2014.
Just 21 years after the first demo.

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Horizon Of The Mute - Chiliad Rite Dice 4

Anesthetize Prod. & Death Shrine Offering, 31.01.18
Jani Koskela (Cynabare Urne, ex-0 X í S T etc.) is out with a new dose of industrially droning funeral doom with his one-man band Horizon Of The Mute.

Chiliad Rite is the bands second album, while the two first releases, the EP Horizon Of The Mute and the debut album Trobar Clus, both was presented in 2016. Sadly, I missed out on last year's EP, Transmutation Process.

As before, we're served four songs of approximately ten minutes each.

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