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Reviews Week 48 - 2017



Fragarak - A Spectral Oblivion Dice 4

Transcending Obscurity India, 30.10.17
Indian Fragarak delivers a work of epic proportions with their second album, A Spectral Oblivion.
Especially if you thought Domgård's Ödelagt was time consuming.
The quartet does not serve up more than eleven songs, but when several of them pass the ten minute mark, the duration exceeds the maximum capacity of a CD. The Indians offers no less than 84 minutes of proggy melodic extreme metal. But as long as the quality is good and the material is varied, they manage the feat of keeping the listeners attention without much difficulty.

barbed wire


Domgård - Ödelagt Dice 4

Carnal Records, 01.12.17
Domgård has 20 years under the belt, but fear not if you can't recollect that long a relationship with them. After the first half of the career, the Swedes only had a single demo to show for, and all three full-lengths, including this one, have been unleashed this very decade.
I've encountered the two previous albums, even though I haven't listened to them enough. None of them, however, impressed me quite as much as Ödelagt (meaning Destroyed). Nifelhels Skygd (2010) had a whiff of fresh meat combined with new blood, and the sound on Myrkviðr (2012) wasn't exactly optimal.

barbed wire


Poison Pill - Poison Pill Dice 4

Sliptrick Records, 17.11.17
If anyone can revitalize classical heavy metal, and reset it to its heyday about 30-35 years of age, it must be the Swedes. No one tries harder than the Swedes to safeguard hairy 'n' hard metal of yore.
Fuck, and Fuck alone, knows exactly where this constellation hails from, and who makes up the membership. The band prefers to let the music speak for itself.
In any case, the band does do a good job as ambassador, or perhaps conserving antiquarian, for the eldest metal expression: classic and timeless Heavy Metal.


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