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Reviews Week 47 - 2017



Sortilegia - Sulphurous Temple Dice 4

Ván Records, 24.11.17
Underground fetishists became clammy in unspeakable places, and outdid each other in their eager for praising Canadian Sortilegia through the roof when the band debuted with Arcane Death Ritual three years ago.
At least, that's the impression I was left with after visiting various online forums.
That the clamorous orchestra sounded trve to the bone, most likely made it authentic enough for the most necrotic ultra-orthodox filthmongers out there.
They didn't persuade this sceptic, though.
Not entirely. Not until now.

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Taake - Kong Vinter Dice 3

Dark Essence Records, 24.11.17
Hoest, as everyone should know, is the prime mover behind Taake, one of few one-man bands that enjoy full recognition and respected among black metal connoisseurs, both in its own home country (where nobody supposedly becomes a prophet) and abroad.
Not only have Taake excelled and earned a well-deserved place among the crème de la crème. Although a wee bit late out of the starting gate, the band should also be considered as one of the innovators who helped pave the way for the classic tnbm expression of the nineties.

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Almyrkvi - Umbra Dice 5

Ván Records, 24.11.17
Almyrkvi is the side project of Garðar S. Jónsson from Sinmara, where he compose all the material single-handedly, and even plays all instruments except drums.
The band was formed in 2013, and dropped its first EP last year. Pupil of the Searing Maelstrom quickly made its way to my wanted-list, but time and fate didn't act in my favour. Although the EP is good, Umbra is still of another world.
Meanwhile, Almyrkvi also participated on the live compilation Oration MMXVII, and was briefly brought up in that context.

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Degial - Predator Reign Dice 4

Sepulchral Voice Records, 24.11.17
In 2015, four years after the debut, Swedish Degial released their sophomore album Savage Mutiny, a showcase in violent black and scorched death metal. I never got around to writing about the album myself, but I seem to remember most critics lauding the album at the time. The sound was raw and flaming as of sizzling anger, quite fitting of the infernal material.
Predator Reign sees the Swedes return to the intense part of the death region that borders on black metal, with an innate spirit of barbaric old school eagerness and attitude.

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Profundum - Come, Holy Death Dice 4

Heathen Tribes, 19.11.17
Profundum from the US, hereby launch their debut album Come, Holy Death. The band released their first EP, What No Eye Has Seen, independently almost 15 months ago.
The style they perform is heavy and doomy, but also furiously hateful and pleasantly soaring. Everything in a swarming mixture of black, death and funeral. Profundum themselves claim that Come, Holy Death contains a real dose of “black, suffocating, majestic darkness”. I admittedly had my doubts, but when my sight adapts to the darkness, the pattern became clearer.

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