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Reviews Week 44 - 2017



Ne Obliviscaris - Urn Dice 5

Season of Mist, 27.10.17
Three years ago, Australian Ne Obliviscaris dropped their second album, Citadel. It wasn't as well received by yours truly as their debut, Portal of I (2012). The technical appearance of the album had a somewhat more modern touch that didn't glide quite as naturally, and parts of the vocals became much too poppy in my ears. It nevertheless received its approval without any real doubt, as the other musical qualities held water.
Urn feels like a return to the original recipe, as their new work - which has already been out for a while - has a better flow and not quite as castrated vocal-works.

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Stahlsarg - Mechanisms Of Misanthropy Dice 4

Non Serviam Records, 31.10.17
The British black metal quartet Stahlsarg does not offer breakneck black furore, but rather focus on moods and dynamic diversity throughout the ten songs that makes up their second work, Mechanisms Of Misanthropy.
The band has been around since 2013 and released their first album quite accurately two years ago. The line-up has been relatively stable since the start.
Stahlsarg received a helping hand from Hellhammer of Mayhem*, who showed interest in them early in the career. Something that in turn led to a support job for them together with Merrimack* in London, May 2014.

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Blaze Of Perdition - Conscious Darkness Dice 4

Agonia Records, 03.11.17
The miserable poles in Blaze Of Perdition were properly lauded just over 16 lunar cycles ago when they honoured us with Near Death Revelations. A disc that was both settlement and reconciliation with the band's collective traumatic events a couple of years earlier, and for the listener a dystopic escape from reality.
With Conscious Darkness, the poles continue to deliver esoteric black misery.
The band's new work contains no more than four songs, but these last from 8 to 15 minutes, and won't let go until the second hand is close to completing 45 cyclic rounds.

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Kawir - Exilasmos Dice 4

Iron Bonehead, 03.11.17
Kawir belong among black acts in the Greek scene, but nevertheless stands out by treading a more pagan path, where cultural history and mythology plays an important role.
Their previous album, Father Sun Mother Moon, was received with mixed emotions a year and a half ago. It's good then that Exilasmos manages to get a bit more out of it.
Exilasmos is an ancient word meaning to calm the wrath of the gods, and the album deals with two family dynasties whose bloodline receives the curse of Zeus.

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Eneferens - In The Hours Beneath Dice 4

Nordvis & Bindrune, 27.10.17
Behind a beautiful landscape adorned with an ornamental logo, we find vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jori Apedaile, and his Eneferens.
In The Hours Beneath is album number two from the American, and was actually originally self-released near the end of last year. In the mean time, this summer, Eneferens released the EP Eventide.
The band is nevertheless hot off the press. The start-up took place only last year, and the debut came out just four months before the sequel.

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