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Reviews Week 28 - 2017



Ad Cinerem - Shadows of Doubt Dice 5

Independent, 03.01.17
Five months ago, we visited the oneman-band of German Val Atra Niteris, and his sophomore full-length Extinct. In connection with this minor key infused funeral service, I came across the duo Ad Cinerem, where Val handles guitars, drums, bass and synth, while partner Hekjal does vocals in addition to more guitars.
The young duo from Dresden, about halfway between Berlin and Prague, have a flair for melodies and structures, and I instinctively knew I had to present Shadows of Doubt, the bands first album after a demo dropped in 2015, the year after their formation.

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14.07.17 This is a short announcement:
The album Enfold Darkness - Adversary Omnipotent was reviewed almost three weeks ago, with wrong release date.
The album was released today.
Otherwise, reviews are scarce these days. As long as the weather permits it, outdoor activities are prioritized,
but a new review is brewing, and it'll hopefully be published before the end of the week.
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