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Reviews Week 16 - 2017



Tehom - The Merciless Light Dice 4

Blood Harvest, 21.04.17
In 2011, four experienced Swedes released a demo called The Merciless Light. In 2017, only two men are left, while all four songs from the demo are alive and kicking. This time on the album by the same name, along with three other tracks.
Those who have remained faithfully at their post are vocalist Master of the Watery Depths, formerly in Bestial Mockery, and the man with the less imaginative name Fredrik Helgesson on instruments. The latter has played bass in Bestial Mockery and drums in Grief of Emerald.

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Kaosophia - Serpenti Vortex Dice 5

Lamech Records, 22.04.17
Ukrainian Kaosophia was formed under the moniker Cotard Syndrome in 2009. They changed it two years later. In 2012, they released the demo Towards the End, before the debut The Origins of Extinction was released the following year.
Guitarist XRT and bassist KRZ haven't had any former permanent band membership, whilst vocalist Morthvarg has more experience. Amongst other from Semargl when they used to play real black metal. The band's previous drummer is out of the picture. He's hereby replaced by Jotunhammer from Kroda et al.

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Farsot - Fail·Lure Dice 4

Prophecy Productions, 21.04.17
German Farsot has spent quite some time since their previous album, Insects, released five and a half years ago. The critically acclaimed debut IIII was released four years earlier, and the band was formed eight years before that.
The band plays an atmospheric form of black metal with elements of post-black, and could probably be considered a natural part (albeit not playing a very central role) of the story of atmospheric black metal.
The Germans are presently topical with a conceptual album called Fail·Lure.

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Venenum - Trance Of Death Dice 6

Sepulchral Voice Records, 17.03.17
Last month didn't go quite as planned. One of the biggest blunders I committed was not getting around to present Venenum's debut Trance Of Death. Though new releases are queuing up, screaming for attention like PR-horny exhibitionists, it's definitely worth it to take a step back, or pull the emergency brake to pick up soldiers lost in battle, sprinting behind the runaway train.
The German quartet dropped a self-titled EP almost exactly six years ago, and finally debuted in album format a month ago.

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Craven Idol - The Shackles Of Mammon Dice 4

Dark Descent Records, 14.04.17
London-based Craven Idol released their first album in 2013. Towards Eschaton consisted of an extreme metal hybrid of old school black/thrash/death: relentless, hard-hitting and destructive.
With The Shackles Of Mammon the Brits takes another step back and blow life into still smouldering embers of a bygone era that refuses to die.
Craven Idol has found inspired in proto-black and other elements of early savage and eeriness. The results is entirely on par with the debut, although the feeling of a civilization's demise ain't quite as imminent.


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