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Reviews Week 12 - 2017



Demonic Resurrection - Dashavatar Dice 3

Demonstealer Records, 15.03.17
Indian Demonic Resurrection is an epic and symphonic extreme metal bands of the gentle kind. After a positive experience with The Return to Darkness (2010) and The Demon King (2014), Dashavatar still becomes a slight letdown. This despite a stronger and highly welcome local touch.
Dashavatar serves a concept based on Hindu mythology. The word refers to the various avatars (or incarnations) of the god Vishnu, and each song represents one of these.

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Illimitable Dolor - Illimitable Dolor Dice 5

Transcending Obscurity Records, 22.03.17
Australia might best known for frenetic extreme brutality, but Aussies also have other irons in the fire. Frowning* has been my preferred sleep-inducing aid, in a positive sense, for over a month, but Illimitable Dolor now introduce a good alternative to an already alternative medicine.
Three members of The Slow Death tune down the instruments and slows the pace furthermore to honour their fallen brother, Gregg Williamson, who passed away a few years ago.

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Scuorn - Parthenope Dice 5

Dusktone, 25.02.17
Naples, near the foot of majestic Mount Vesuvius in southern Italy, was most likely founded by Greek colonists approximately 2750 years ago, but after half a millennium, the town naturally fell into Roman hands. The town and its surroundings eventually became widely known for its opera.
When Scuorn from Naples offers orchestral extreme metal inspired by the city's history and influence from opera, it's an exotic and symphonic piece carrying a breath of One Thousand and One Nights that manifest itself.



Acrimonious - Eleven Dragons Dice 5

W.T.C.Productions, 20.03.17
In 2012, Greek Acrimonious released their second album Sunyata. According to some sources, the band could celebrate ten years in Lucifer's service the very same year.
Until then, the band had already undergone its share of replacements. Via demo and two EPs, Acrimonious were reduced from quartet to duo, before Cain Letifer (who initially called himself Carnage Lust) was left alone on the debut, albeit with a former colleague as session drummer.

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