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Reviews Week 10 - 2017



Engulfed - Engulfed in Obscurity Dice 5

Hellthrasher Prod. & Blood Harvest Rec, 10.03.17
Based on the cover art and the airy tones that fill the room during the two minutes long intro Escalation Of Darkness, I prepare for melodic death metal or atmospheric death/doom based in Finland or possibly Germany.
There's no denying the associations to Wolfheart* and their ilk.
As soon as The Halls Of Grim Eternity tumbles out of the speaker like a rotting carcass with lead weights around its legs, the mistake is however immediately and unmistakably revealed.



Varmia - Z mar twych Dice 4

Via Nocturna, 28.02.17
Varmia from Warmia, a historic region in northern Poland, is once again a new acquaintance. Newcomers keep pouring into the scene at all hours, thus the need to separate the wheat from the chaff is as important as ever. Why settle for simple and boring wheat bread when there's so many exciting types of grain bread to choose from. But that's a digression, for Varmia are interesting enough, although Z March twych ain't sensational.

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Pillorian - Obsidian Arc Dice 4

Eisenwald, 10.03.17
Pillorian consists of somewhat renown names, something I had long forgotten when I finally got around to to hearing Obsidian Arc. No wonder the music in many ways was quite impressive.

Stephen Parker (Maestus, ex-Arkhum), John Haughm (ex-Agalloch), and Trevor Matthews (Uada*, ex-Infernus*) started the band last summer. During the timespan of a pregnancy, this collective have thus given birth to their firstborn.

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Saille - Gnosis Dice 5

code666, 13.03.17
Gnosis is the fourth album from my Belgian favourites, and I'm rivetingly excited to explore and discover what's hiding behind yet another lovely cover art.
In addition to the music, we find a concept. Not in the form of a story, per se, but rather in terms of a particular theme. Gnosis, Greek for knowledge, examines myths, philosophy, beliefs and legends in a pot-pourri of history and fiction, as Saille embark on a journey portraying creativity, boldness and originality after Promethean ideals, bumping into its Luciferian counterpart along the road.

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Carpatus - Malus Ascendant Dice 3

Black Lion Productions, 20.02.17
To reduce jet-lag we only move approximately 1,060 km (660 miles) from southern Brazil to São Paulo in the south-east.
In 1999, Dizruptor embarked on his musical journey, even he with Norwegian black metal as inspiration. He soon picked up other members, although they've come and gone during the years. After a demo and two albums, Carpatus disbanded in 2010.
In 2015 the band was revived to once again attempt at recreating former black metal magic. The medium being Malus Ascendant, the band's first international release.

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Patria - Magna Adversia Dice 4

Soulseller Records, 03.03.17
Patria plays black metal with roots in the second wave, and sound as if they reside in Europe. Based on the antagonistic but also quite melodic black metal, I would perhaps have taken a shot (in the dark) at Germany as hotbed if I were forced to make a guess. As you may know, the guys however hail from Brazil.

The duo consists of instrumentalist Mantus and vocalist Triumphsword, who through a run of almost ten years now have come to album number six.

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