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Reviews Week 9 - 2017



Wolfheart - Tyhjyy Dice 4

Spinefarm Records, 03.03.17
Tuomas Saukkonen is back and everyone that knows the band, also know exactly what they have in store. The band tread a familiar path with their melodic death metal. Thus it feels unnecessary to describe the music in depth.
For those who for some reason don't know Wolfheart, I'll translate a few brief segments from my impression and review of Winterborn (2013), where I presented the band and described the style and expression in a still most relevant way.
How ever I once found the time to discuss a single album twice, shall forever remain a mystery.



Katharos - Exuvian Heraldry Dice 5

Sliptrick Records, 01.03.17
This symphonic black metal quartet comes from Stockholm and has spent quite some time crafting their first piece.
Time well spent, it seems.
The band was formed in 2006 and released their first and only demo a decade ago.
Exuvian Heraldry, their first album, was released independently almost three months ago, but fortunately Sliptrick release the album now. Otherwise, Katharos would probably have sailed unnoticed under the radar, and disappeared into the horizon.

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Gjendød - Nedstigning Dice 3

Hellthrasher Productions, 24.02.17
The Norwegian duo Gjendød is back eight months after releasing their self-titled demo. Gjendød seemed promising, although the demo left me lukewarm. The only thing I demanded was that they brought the mighty song Likdans along to their first full-length, so that we could experience it with better sound.
A solicitation the band has not followed up on.
Such does not go unpunished, but they're hiding in the woodland, so I'll have to make do with slandering the guys a bit.

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Bathsheba - Servus Dice 3

Svart Records, 24.02.17
Belgian Bathsheba are situated in the periphery of my regular patrol district, but when the sonar picks up strange activity on the border, I'm almost obliged to investigate the phenomenon closer.
The band plays what somewhat simplified can be called soot-coloured sludge/doom, but when the pace at times is increased, it's no longer that easy to brand the band. It doesn't happen too often, though.
I picked up jazz influences in the form of trumpet or saxophone early on, and halfway expected, halfway feared a surreal sight.

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Darkrypt - Delirious Excursion Dice 5

Transcending Obscurity India, 15.10.16
India has a teeming metal scene, but how many Indian bands can you recite off the top of your head?

Darkrypt is definitely a band you should take a note of if juicy death metal is your thing. The quartet apparently considers the little extra as important and has therefore ensured extended content of ingredient X.
The band is reportedly heavily inspired by Finnish death metal in particular and the Indians ain't inferior compared to what I've heard out of Suomi.

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