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Reviews Week 7 - 2017



Benighted - Necrobreed Dice 4

Season of Mist, 17.02.17
Blissfully ignorant as I am about the existence of regular readers, I just keep pushing on as a rambling crazy professor who talks to himself. Either way, any suspicious individuals crazy enough to return hitherto my padded cell, will surely have figured out by now that brutal death metal is a genre I find it safest to handle with a fire tong.
Benighted on the other hand is a professional act. We thus greet them and shake their hand, albeit wearing extra thick protective infection control gloves.

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Frowning - Extinct Dice 5

Black Lion Records, 17.02.17
German Val Atra Niteris is back with the sophomore album of his one-man funeral doom metal band, two years and two months after I gave his debut Funeral Impressions my approval.
The biggest challenge with funeral doom from a reviewer's standpoint is that music in slow motion requires a lot of time to familiarize with. Melodies and structures don't easily let go of their deepest secrets.
An advantage of the genre on the other side, is that you can sleep on it.

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Hereza - I Become Death Dice 2

Godz Ov War Productions, 13.02.17
Cover art means a great deal concerning whether a record will trigger curiosity or not. If a simple home-made drawing had graced I Become Death, it's quite possible I would have let Hereza go by almost unnoticed, for I was strictly speaking rather sceptical toward the music from the moment I first heard it.
Still, the cover art was ripping, something that could testify to good taste. Thus, it wasn't inconceivable that the album hid more quality than what first met the eye ear.

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Gloson - Grimen Dice 3

Art of Propaganda, 13.02.17
The Swedes in Gloson succeeded in persuading yours truly with their first EP, re-released by Art of Propaganda two years ago. I admittedly presented 33 minutes long Yearwalker as an album, but when the boundaries are wiped out, it doesn't really matter too much. The music is just as good anyway.

Grimen on the other hand, is a fifty minutes full-length, and thus the Swedes true debut album.

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Dead Limbs - Spiritus/Sulphur Dice 4

Northern Silence Productions, 27.01.17
Dead Limbs is a debuting trio from Brazil. Although, their EP Lighthouse from 2015 was only 4 minutes shorter than 35 minutes long Spiritus/Sulphur.
The band have come up with a story titled “The ash seeketh embers”, inspired by Greek mythology and Hermetic philosophy, where the protagonist tries to cross metaphysical boundaries to a mental state beyond the humane through transcendental means. The concept forms the basis for Spiritus/Sulphur, and parts of the story are published with the album, while the rest of the story will be made available shortly.

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