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Reviews Week 5 - 2017



Author - Lopun Alku Dice 3

Naturmacht Productions, 28.01.17
Finnish Author is a one-man band run by J.V. The music is black metal in the wake of the traditional second wave.
With all sorts of divergent branches, it's difficult to estimate what wave recent expressions belong to, but no matter how much new delightful stuff is created, I never tire of pure, icy and unadulterated satanic hatred of the old school.
Author master the grim expression from the 90s and thus offer music with killer expression and lots of potential.

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Begerith - A.D.A.M. Dice 6

Independent 07.01.17 & Minotauro Records 10.11.17
Begerith is a Russian-born band based in Poland. Their background is for me unknown, and the members operate with Roman numerals for names. So does the songs on A.D.A.M., the band's sophomore album.
It must nevertheless be said that their names are easily available on-line, and that they haven't done anything to my knowledge to achieve anonymity, save for wearing a bit of deathly pale corps-paint.
The band released their first EP in 2011, yet I didn't discover them until recently. Still I instinctively knew that I had come across a gold vein.

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Mourning Dawn - Waste Dice 3

Aesthetic Death, 31.01.17
The French black/doom band Mourning Dawn attempts to think outside the box, and presents a 72:36 minutes long trilogy named Waste.
I assumed this was the band's fourth album, but according to Metal Archives, it's an EP. I've spent a lot of time with it, and my firm conclusion is that the EP format is the most adequate, in spite of its duration.
The release consists of three just as long tracks of 24:12 minutes. The core of the first two are the same, but there's a number of differences in nuances. The third track put these together to create a separate song.

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Kashgar - Kashgar Dice 4

Independent, 06.08.16
The newcomers in Kashgar promotes themselves as Kyrgyzstan's only active metal band. I thought I was clever when I smoked them out by claiming that Darkestrah also hail from Kyrgyzstan. I still had to eat my accusation of forgery, for the trio from the steppes is of course right when enlightening me that Darkestrah flagged out many years ago and turned Germans.
During the past four months, another Kyrgyzstani band named Panzer Bulldozer have popped up on Encyclopaedia Metallum. But let's ignore that, as I'm not interested in making an ass of myself one more time.

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Horn - Turm am Hang Dice 4

Northern Silence Productions, 27.01.17
We've encountered Horn a few times before. The enthusiasm has been somewhat lacklustre, but rising. The one-man band has been around for fifteen years, and this is album number seven.
It's of course pleasing to be able to report that his tireless work, among the five albums I've heard by now, is gradually paying off.
To the extent that these test samples form credible statistics, the trend of an increasing positive attitude on my part fortunately continues with Turm am Hang.

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Árstíðir Lífsins - Heljarkviða Dice 5

Ván Records, 27.01.17
Árstíðir Lífsins, previously presented in conjunction with their third album Aldafǫðr ok munka dróttinn, released in late 2014, should be familiar to most of you.
The Icelandic / German band consisting of Árni from Carpe Noctem, and Stefán and Marsél, both associated with Helrunar. They've had the same stable crew over the years, except for Georg from Drautran who departed during 2014.
The band hasn't been around for ages, they can celebrate their ten-year anniversary next year, but they've certainly made their mark.

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The Great Old Ones - EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy Dice 5

Season of Mist, 27.01.17
French The Great Old Ones plays a kind of eerie ethereal extreme metal strongly influenced by H. P. Lovecraft. So much in fact that the master of horror is even found worthy a place on the band's promo picture.
EOD is short for Esoteric Order of Dagon, a cult known from The Shadow over Innsmouth (1931), part of the Cthulhu mythos, and the only story published in book form during Lovecraft's lifetime.
A Tale Of Dark Legacy is written as a continuation of the book, something the author would approve of as he encouraged others to adopt from and build on his stories.

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Mordskog - XIII Dice 4

Werewolf Records & Hells Headbangers, 06.01.17
If I were to guess, I'd take a stab at Mordskog (Murder Forest), much like for instance Dødsfall, From the Vastland and Khaospath, consisting partly of migrated black metallers. It emits a Nordic odour, while a vague exotic essence spice up XIII slightly.
However, the band with the Scandinavian moniker hail fully and entirely from Mexico.
Throughout the band's 14 years long history, the crew has been subjected to massive replacements, the last of which took place after the recording of XIII. The band is currently a trio, and this is their first full length album.

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