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Impressions Week 29 - 2017



Totengott - Doppelgänger Middling

Xtreem Music & Burning World, 11.07.17
Fully fledged black metal veterans most likely witnessed the rise of black metal as genre. Although I'm starting to get more hair in my ears than on my head, I hardly discovered the trend-setting pioneers until already beginning to get acquainted with tnbm. However, when the music of Doppelgänger gets started after two and a half minutes, it doesn't take many seconds before an apparent odour of Celtic Frost spreads.
The band from the scenic province of Asturias in north-western Spain also did start out, quite right, as a Celtic Frost tribute band.

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Tchornobog - Tchornobog Good

I, Voidhanger & Fallen Empire, 21/28.07.17
Tchornobog from the United States is governed like a dictatorship; by one man, but Markov Soroka (Aureole) has received assistance from a number of artists to realize his phonetic vision.
Unlike the intense ambient atmosphere of Aureole, a darker ethereal atmosphere is formed on Tchornobog's debut.
The band was conceived a few years ago. Yet, the first sign of life feels more like a dying star that inevitably collapses. It implodes, explodes and leaves a black hole with intense gravity.

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