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June 2015:



Sorrowful - In The Rainfall Approved

Solitude Productions, 29.06.15
The band Sorrowful originated in Mexico, but the duo has moved from Leon, Guanajuato to Gothenburg. The band was active in the period 2009-2012, but has since had a break until 2014. In the first act, they released a demo and a split (with April Morning).
Now that the two guys have congregated again, it has resulted in their début album In The Rain Fall.

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Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds – Enlightenment from Beyond Approved

Dolorem Records, 29.06.15
Abyssal Ascendant is a French trio who claim they prefer to preserve and honour the old school of death metal. Personally I think they mix a lot of other deadly styles of later origin. Not that it matters as long as they play pure metal without commercial tomfoolery.
They have spun their lyrics round well-worn themes. Because you have to press a button to read more you might as well guess...
(The cover may provide a hint).

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Thornesbreed - GTRD Approved

Art Of Propaganda, 29.06.15
The German quintet we now shall feast on debuted in 2003, after six years of existence. The album The Splendour of the Repellent had very little in common with the sequel GTRD. It's been twelve years with only one EP from 2008 appearing in the meantime, and Thornesbreed has undertaken a massive change in course.
From fairly brutal death metal to a black metallic equivalence, quite brutal black metal.

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Negative Mantra - A Hymn to Disappointment Approved

Selvfinansiert, 22.06.15
This band is completely new to me, and this EP is indeed their first sign of life (or death). When I come across new music online, which usually happens many times a day, I normally confine myself to a quick listen. I rarely end up hearing the release in its entirety, and it's even more scarce that I do so several times in a row.
When No Clean Singing presented this yesterday, however, that is just what happened.

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Old Graves - This Ruin Beneath Snowfall (EP)

Old Graves - This Ruin Beneath Snowfall Middling

Naturmacht Productions, 28.06.15
The man (singular, not plural) behind Old Graves is a Canadian named Colby Hink.
He started up two years ago and released an EP and a split with Canadian Paths last year.
It's melancholic atmospheric post-black that lays close to his crestfallen heart, and now he gives us a 25 minute audience into his gloomy kingdom.

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KadavriK - Grimm I & II Approved

Testimony Records, 26.06.15
This is full-length number four from a German quintet with over ten years of experience. The band has reportedly resided in the melo-death region since the start, without anyone ever taking the trouble to make me aware of their existence.
They have apparently grown tired of cubicle incarceration, and has thus shaken things up a bit. In addition to breaking genre barriers they approach two dark fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm, and present their own interpretations.

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Névoa - The Absence of Void Middling

Altare Productions, 22.06.15
These Portuguese are so fresh that no one has put them up on Metal Archives yet. There's not much to say about the duo that now debuts with just over three quarters of atmospheric black metal.

The five tracks vary in both time and expression. From 6 to 15 minutes. From acoustic neofolk in style with Tenhi, to intense black/post-black.

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Satanic Ripper - Southern Black Spells Middling

Blood Harvest, 22.06.15
Feeling hungry for some dirty and raw South American black-death-thrash?

These Chileans have cooked a spicy 47 minutes meal. They call their style Evil Grave Metal, which is fine by me. It mixes the various extreme genres to a barely recognizable mush before chilli and jalapeño are added and it's baked in metal pans over open bonfires.

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Nahtrunar - Symbolismus Approved

Altare Productions, 22.06.15
From Austria comes a new acquaintance. Nahtrunar plays black metal in Central European spirit. It smells of German and French wrath with an occasional breath of Swedish melody lines.

The band released a demo in 2013, but is otherwise a completely blank sheet.

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Dolentia - Iniciação Eversiva

Dolentia - Iniciação Eversiva Disapproved

Altare Productions & Mordgrimm, 22.06.15
Portuguese black metal is not an everyday occurrence. If Dolentia is representative of the country's black scene, that might perhaps be just as well, to put it a bit crude and strict.
This is the second full-length from the quartet. It was released on vinyl via Mordgrimm in February. Iniciação Eversiva itself last about 41 minutes, but the CD version comes with three bonus tracks (two of which are merged). These are taken from the demo A Idade da Morte, Liturgia do Sangue e da Agonia (2007) and is re-recorded for the occasion. They contribute with further just over a quarter, pushing the whole thing beyond 56 minutes.


Inquisition Logo
Inquisition Band Season of Mist

American Dagon (guitar and vocals) created Inquisition in 1989 while living in Colombia. The band's early years were devoted to thrash metal. Three demos was recorded before he moved back to Seattle in 1996. There he met drummer Incubus who joined the band in 1997. The following year they released their début.

During the first half of 2015, all full-length albums (except the newest) in the bands back-catalogue has been re-released by Season of Mist with new cover art. Paolo Girardi, who created the cover of Obscure Verses... (2013) has given the first five albums new motives, and constructed a new context. The new art emerges as a blasphemous parody of The Last Judgment, a triptych (three-part altarpieces) also known as “Day of Judgement”, by Hans Memling. The altarpiece is a representation of judgement day, where we all allegedly shall be measured and weighed for heavenly qualities or rejection in a selection process resembling the holocaust. We shall all be cast into an eternal exile in flames and torture. Christian charity my ass!


This will however not work as on the picture,
and besides, the outer parts of the internal motive is supposed to be on the inside off the cabinet doors.

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Sunset In The 12th House - Mozaic Approved

Prophecy Productions, 05.06.15
The following prologue is written in (and about) Norway. If you cant relate to the circumstances, consider yourself lucky!
If there were something even remotely similar to a proper summer in this godforsaken region on earth, I could have written an adequate intro where I raved about you sitting in the sun with a fresh prawn sandwich in one hand and a cold lager beer in the other. Right now that's just wrong, since the thermometer barely passes the ten degree hump (°C, that is, or 50°F), and the “humidity” (or downpour, if you like) is higher than in the Niagara Falls.
I can't ask the reader to close their eyes and dream of warmer climes either, because they need them to read.

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Örök - Übermensch Middling

Signal Rex, 29.04.15
From Portugal comes a band fronted by a person calling himself Atillla, and that's all I know about the line-up.

The band débuted with the album Örök in 2013 and the sophomore release was issued a few months ago.

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Shape of Despair - Monotony Fields Approved

Season of Mist, 15.06.15
Shape of Despair has apparently set a goal of filling the CD to the brim. No less than in excess of 76 minutes is offered by the melancholic Finns this time around.
It's perhaps not surprising given that it is almost 11 years since their last full-length album. After the millennium, three full-length albums came out in a row before a longer hiatus took place. A compilation from 2005, an EP in 2010 and a split the year after has marked the only signs of life since then.

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Total Negation - Zeitzeuge Middling

Temple of Torturous, 16.06.15
Total Negation is yet a one-man company in the world of music. German hr. Wiedergaenger is general manager, and this is the firm's second produced product for sale. The problem is that this product is as innovative as a... uh, poorly conceived and badly executed travel toothbrush with toothpaste in the shaft. (Okay, I obviously have a credibility problem regarding innovative metaphors my selves).
I have no relation to the German's earlier work, but some minor research reveals that the project begun eight years ago and it has now resulted in its third creation.

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Enlighten - Phösphorvs Paramovnt Disapproved

Signal Rex, 11.05.15
The first EP from Portuguese Enlighten was released about a month ago in limited edition of 100 cassettes and 100 digifile CDs (fold-out cardboard cover) respectively.

The sales might not have been overwhelming, as the promo landed in my digital mailbox barely a month later. If it should happen to be out of stock, there's still no reason to despair.

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Mefitic - Woes of Mortal Devotion Middling

Nuclear War Now! Productions, 15.06.15
Italian Mefitic plays occult death metal, like a heavy, aggressive and intense offspring of the metal Necros Christos performs. The band has not rushed things toward dropping their first full length. They say it's a notable quality increasement, but I couldn't tell. They may have evolved, but I really can't claim that they've spent their time extremely well.
During their 11 years the quartet has released three demos, a pair of splits and an EP. (Seriously. When did the industry start defining 7" singles with 2 track as EPs?)

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Tyrant Goatgaldrakona - Horns in the Dark Middling

Blood Harvest, 12.06.15
The Hungarian duo behind the band with the somewhat tongue twisting properties released their début, Horns in the Dark on CD in February 2013. It went past my radar, but I didn't miss out on too much.
Now it's out on vinyl for those who can't get enough of blasphemous brutality from the underground.
If it's up to Tyrant Goatgaldrakona (Wasn't Tyrant Goat enough?), they prefer to beat the listener over the head with a shovel before dismembering the corps. In other words, pure death metal is their weapon of choice.

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Vardan - Winter Woods

Vardan - Winter Woods Disapproved

Moribund, 10.06.15
We have paid a visit to Italian Vardan earlier this year, about five months ago. I was not exceedingly excited, although Verses from Ancient Times were not hopeless either. If you find two full-length albums in five months to be a bit over the top, then know this: this guy has released further two more discs in the meanwhile.
That's a typical sign of home crafted one-man bedroom black metal of the cheapest kind. Even if I'm extremely sceptical to this album raising my impression of the band, I am willing to give him a second chance instead of just dismissing the band completely.

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Luna – On The Other Side Of Life

Luna – On The Other Side Of Life Middling

Solitude Productions, 08.06.15
Ashes To Ashes, the début of this Ukrainian one-man band, was well received by me a year ago. I granted it a 5 of 6 point score on my granite dice, and stated that despite its one song of close to an hour, it stood out from such monolithic acts as Ea and Monolithe.
The first impression I wrote in 2015 was appropriately enough a new year present, in the form of a free EP from this very band.
That one also appealed to me.

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Absconditus - Kατάβασις Approved

I, Voidhanger Records, 08.06.15
Absconditus crawled out of the ashes of the black/death metal band Borgia in 2010. It is not too often lyrics are supplied with promos, but in this case they are of little use. Despite the quirky album title, Absconditus consists of three Frenchmen.
I never had much sense of the French language in everyday speech, but in black metal, the language has got a delightful frenzied lash.
The title Kατάβασις (Katabasis) is Greek and refers here to the path one has to walk to achieve personal freedom and to fully master existence.

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Midnight Odyssey - Shards Of Silver Fade Approved

I, Voidhanger Records, 08.06.15
I have only heard this one twice in its entirety, and then some, and for a good reason. I could have heard Gorgoroth's new albums ten times during the same period. Puzzled? Shards of Silver Fade is a double-CD that's totalling just over 2 hours and 22 minutes. Two rounds in Midnight Odyssey's new universe takes just over 4 hours and three quarters.
An unnecessarily lavish dose, but the music is swell, thus I choose not to reduce the grade as a result.

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Reanimator - Horns Up Approved

Selvfinansiert Utgivelse, 05.06.15
There's several bands named Reanimator. We're going to Quebec, Canada, where this thrash constellation rose from the grave a couple of years ago. Or should I say ....were reanimated?
The band started out in 2005, and managed to release a demo, an EP and one full length album before they went into hibernation in 2011. The band's lead singer and drummer were joined by new bassist and two new guitarists on the revitalization, sorry, reanimation of the band, and is now ready with album numéro deux.

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POSSESSION - 1585-1646

Possession - 1585-1646 Approved

Iron Bonehead & Invictus Productions, 05.06.15
Belgian Possession has made a name for themselves in the underground, and the quartet are hereby out with their third mini-release.
The demo His Best Deceit (2013) posed apt frantic black/death with elements from thrash and a whiff of South America. Last year's EP (or rather single?) Anneliese offered a concept about the exorcism of German Anneliese Michel. Still with a blistering touch, but with a little slower pace than on His Best Deceit the year before.

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Vallendusk - Homeward Path Approved

Northern Silence Productions, 05.06.15
Vallendusk debuted with the pretty good Black Clouds Gathering in 2013. I was almost sure I had mentioned it in my first year, but obviously I never got around to that.
One might give a bit of goodwill to a debuting band, but there is no pity points awarded for follow-ups. The training wheels has been dismantled. Homeward Path must stand on its own.

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Ethereal Shroud - They Became the Falling Ash Middling

Northern Silence Productions, 05.06.15
This album marks the beginning of a series of underground releases from Northern Silence. Under the concept simply titled Underground Series the label intends to release obscure acts on standard jewel case CDs in limited editions (of approximately 500 copies), with minimal background information so that the music must speak for itself.
First up is British Joe Hawker (Of Solitude and Solemn), with his second one-man band, Ethereal Shroud.

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Horn - Jahreszeiten / Die Kraft der Szenarien Disapproved

Northern Silence Productions, 05.06.15
I start the listening session, as I often do, with a blind test.
The band name and label is all I have knowledge of.
The music I get hit by / exposed to is folk/black of the cheapest kind. The sound is absolutely feeble, and the song material is generic. This sounds literally like a home made demo, at best a pre-production. I better do a little research and see if I can find out what this is all about.

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Haar - The Wayward Ceremony Approved

ATMF, 27.04.15
After feeding my ears with musical sleeping pills for hours yesterday, It felt restituting for body and soul to get a dose of dissonant misanthropy fed intravenously strait into my ears.
I did not manage to finish writing this impression yesterday, although I did heard the album four times. With two more rounds today this could almost have been a review with a score of 4/6.
Haar, from Edinburgh, Scotland is a new acquaintance for me. No wonder, since they only have a couple of self-released EPs (or demos as we used to call them in olden days) behind them.

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My Sleeping Karma - Moksha Disapproved

Napalm Records, 01.06.15
How much opium do you have to smoke in order to appreciate this oriental-sounding, 70s-nostalgic, slightly progressive, shoegaze-dull and not least instrumental music for the neural sensory?
It's hardly enough just to smoke a spliff.
The fact that the band is unwanted on Metal Archives is only fair. We must retain some principles! I should of course not have written about this release myself, but when I had first listened suffered through it so many times to give the band a fair chance, I will surely pester you with my pessimistic utterances as well.

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Ebonillumini - Arktos Underkjent

Wicker Man Recordings, 01.06.15
Ten songs dedicated to various places on the American side of the Atlantic aims to take the listener on a musical journey from Florida in the south, via various archipelagos and up along the US East Coast and onwards to Greenland and Iceland.
Samples and local inspirations might sometimes give some association to geographic location, but not much. My geographical knowledge is probably limited, and without lyrics it's also rather hopeless to follow the mindset of this crew.

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Skinless - Only The Ruthless Remain Approved

Relapse Records, 01.06.15
The New York-based death metal band Skinless are out with their fifth full-length album, wholly nine years after their last full-length release. The band was put on ice for a short period in the meantime, but not for much more than a couple of years.
The quintet may not stand out very much with their new work, but they deliver classic crushing death metal of the brutal kind, on par with the elite.

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