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Reviews Week 36 - 2019



Flykt - Charnel Heart Dice 5

Folter Records, 29.03.19
Flykt comes from Stockholm, and was formed in 2016.
The information about the Swedes is quite sparse.
The identity of the members is exempt from public insight, but it's stated that the band consists of members from Valkyrja and Rev 16:8.
Which of course allows for qualified guessing.
Not that I see any point in resorting to speculation.
The most important thing, after all, is the music itself, and the music on Charnel Heart is definitely strong enough to stand on its own feet.

barbed wire


Festerday - Iihtallan Dice 4

Season of Mist Underground Activists, 04.01.19
The Finnish death metal entity Festerday was founded as early as in 1989, but in 1993, after three demos, the band split up.

Their story was also briefly summarized in connection with last year's Cadaveric Virginity EP.

After being dead and buried for 10 years, the corpse came back to life, embarking on the painstaking process of digging through half-decayed casket wood and several feet of hard-trampled soil.

barbed wire

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