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Reviews Week 20 - 2019



Stellar Master Elite - Hologram Temple Dice 5

Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork, 03.05.19
Three and a half years have gone since Stellar Master Elite last dignified us with their presence with new eclectic ideas.

III: Eternalism - The Psychospherical Chapter was my first encounter with the Germans, and I quickly got a taste for the obscure, ethereal and clinical landscape the band conveyed.

With Hologram Temple, the infamous quartet presents its fourth work, characterized by industrial nightmares.

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Pensées Nocturnes - Grand Guignol Orchestra so-so

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions, 01.02.19
Pensées Nocturnes released their first record ten years ago.
On Vacuum, the band mixed sore melancholy and relatively depressive black metal in a slightly jazzy manner.
The following year, they blended neoclassical elements into their increasingly psych metal, while the extreme parts became more intense.
Grotesque can probably be recommended for those who thrive in a padded cell and straightjacket.
Thereafter, I missed out on the three following albums.

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Dark Heresy - Abstract Principles Taken To Their Logical Extremes

Svart Records, 26.04.19
The album with the long title Abstract Principles Taken To Their Logical Extremes, was originally released in 1995.
When the album is now re-released, almost 25 years later, it can be a good example of the fact that there will always be music in the underground that one has yet to discover.

Some will consider the London, UK band's only full length as a hidden gem. Others will just call it a messy clutter.

Dark Heresy mix death metal riffs with a schizophrenic hybrid of contemporary music, jazz, folk rock and classicism.

The sound has been restored and remastered for the occasion in Orgone Studios by Jaime Gómez Arellano (who, among other things, provided new sound on last year's version of Grand Declaration of War).

Personally, I'm rather sceptical toward this dry production, the cardboard drums and the schizophrenia, but it's a strange album, and I'll rather leave the judgement to you.

Disclaimer: Mini-reviews are impulsive and based on short time spent with the music.
Incorrect impressions may occur. Listen and form your own fucking opinion!

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Filtheater - Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction

Memento Mori, 22.04.19
American Filtheater has the present decade as its domain.
Put another way, the one-man band has been active since 2010.
Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction is Filtheater's first album, after four EPs and a split.
The band, consisting of multi-instrumentalist Jared Moran, plays filthy death metal with abundant eeriness and hints of chaos and dissonance.
Besides predictable lack of originality, the death metal is entirely passable.
The biggest drawback is the turbid production and the at times terribly clacking drum sound.
As the music don't stand out either, I see no reason to spend more time on this debut. But as sole member Jared wrote to me, “to each its own”.

PS: Edited 24.05.19, after discovering that Filtheater don't consist of four members.

Hear the songs Faceless Caverns, A Veiled Loathing Throne and Unwelcome Illuminated Curiousity

Disclaimer: Mini-reviews are impulsive and based on short time spent with the music.
Incorrect impressions may occur. Listen and form your own fucking opinion!

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Ancalagon - Noctopoth Good

Independent, 20.04.19
From Rochester, the city with the British-sounding name north of the state of New York, the melodic band Ancalagon returns two years after the album Gateway Specter.
The band still performs an extremely melodious offspring of extreme metal, with black elements.
This time, however, the music feels more like a hybrid of folkish heavy metal and extreme metal.
A bit like melodic pagan, without the strongest feeling of Nordic forests with Viking ships on the horizon.

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