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Reviews Week 10 - 2019



Vahrzaw - Husk Dice 4

Blood Harvest, 23.04.18
Australian Vahrzaw isn't easy to place geographically. They could just as well have hailed from Northern Europe.
Their second album, Twin Suns & Wolves, was first presented in 2014, before being re-introduced in connection with the re-release in 2016.
We once again return to 2018. But that's not a problem. Good music doesn't expire.
With Husk, the deadly trio still delivered a powerful death blow, reeking of scorched black moods. And they did so with the same line-up as four years earlier.

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BORGNE - [∞]

Borgne - [∞] Dice 5

Avantgarde Music, 08.04.18
Yet another ageing draft to be processed.
Borgne came into existence 20 years before the release of [∞]. It wasn't until about ten years after the conception that the activity really took off, though. From there on, things escalated rapidly.
In addition to other releases, the discography now consist of seven or eight albums, depending on source.
Borgne operated entirely as a one-man band on the first three albums. On the next three, Bornyhake (Enoid, et al.) allowed others to participate as session artists.

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Myrkvid - Demons Are Inside Good

Immortal Frost Productions, 25.06.18
There's three bands named Myrkvid. Confusingly enough, all of them are black metal bands located in France.
While two of these have been inactive or disbanded for quite some time, only the band from the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, on the border to Switzerland, is still live and kicking.
The band was conceived in 2007, and released the EP Satanic Inquisition in 2010, and their first album were released at the end of 2013, titled Pleasures of Hell.
My first encounter with them was last year's Demons Are Inside.

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Abyssic - High The Memory Dice 5

Osmose Productions, 22.02.19
Three years after the debut, Norway's slowest and heaviest symphony orchestra delivers a new opus.
The band was presented in connection with A Winter's Tale. Since then, drummer Asgeir Mickelson has been replaced by Tjodalv, probably best known for his time in Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child, although Susperia has been his habitat since the millennium shift. Tjodalv also plays with Abyssic's orchestral mastermind André Aaslie in Gromth. Along with newcomer and femme fatale, Makhashanah (ex-Sirenia and live for Asagraum), Abyssic has grown from quartet to quintet.

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Svarthymn - Svarthymn Good

Heidens Hart Records, 08.02.19
Svarthymn from Sweden, was a short-lived project from 1999 to 2001.
The only material they ever released, were three songs on a split with Armagedda, released in 2001.
In Blackest Ruin, as this cassette release was called, was sadly plagued by terribly meagre sound.
Almost exactly six years ago, these three songs were reissued as an EP, with the original studio sound, via Heidens Hart Records.
Now, this is made available again. This time digitally.

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