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Reviews Week 45 - 2018



Ifernach - Gaqtaqaiaq Dice 4

Nekrart Productions, 28.03.18
Eight moons ago, we visited the Canadian one-man band Ifernach, and its second EP, Maqtewek Nakuset.
I suggested that there were a fair chance of native American blood running in the veins of Finian Patraic, something I've got confirmed in the meantime.
On Gaqtaqaiaq, Finian tells ancient stories passed on by the elder among his people, and he recites archaic rituals to summon ancient spirits to avenge the forgotten native souls. In both Mi'kmaq, the native tongue of this tribe, and French.

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Katechon - Coronation Bonus Tracks Good

Independent, 01.02.18
Recently, the Nidrosian band Katechon announced a few new songs from their upcoming work. A work with the potentially controversial title Sanger Fra Auschwitz (Songs From Auschwitz).
However, the guys assure that no vulgar intentions are intended.
In that connection, I came across the Coronation Bonus Tracks EP, released a pregnancy ago.
As the title hints at, these two songs were recorded during the Coronation session. Of which the cover art depicted the fetus in all its abomination.

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