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Reviews Week 44 - 2018



Festerday - Cadaveric Virginity Good

Season of Mist Underground Activists, 26.10.18
The rabid deathmongers in Festerday have taken their name from a Carcass song. That's just one source of inspiration, however, and the similarities ain't that distinct.
The band was started in 1989 and has, in a sense, been active since. Not to worry if you can't recall the name, though. The band has operated under five other names in the meantime.
In 2013, they returned to their original name, after amongst other having spread more alternative tones under the moniker ...and Oceans. And if you're still wondering about nationality, take a closer look at the cover art.

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Ziggurat - Ritual Miasma Killer

Blood Harvest, 02.03.18
The Israeli duo Ziggurat has only existed for a couple of years. Their first release, the Ritual Miasma EP, nevertheless reeks of seasoned quality.

The band dropped this release on cassette just over a year ago, via Caligari Records.
In March, however, Blood Harvest made sure to launch it in all the other formats.

The Israelites play flaming extreme metal where death and black putrefaction intersect.

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