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Reviews Week 40 - 2018



Erdve - Vaitojimas Dice 4

Season of Mist, 09.02.18
When the draft this review was built on was first written, about half an eternity ago, I had already visited Vaitojimas occasionally for over a month. This without actually finding a suitable approach to describing this musical work. Therefore, I'll settle for a relatively short presentation.
Erdve hails from Lithuania, and is immersed in dark and unpleasant subjects that are not necessarily often portrayed in realistic terms in metal lyrics. A topic like domestic violence at times appear in the media, but more often occurs in police reports only.

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Eïs - Stillstand und Heimkehr Very good

Prophecy Productions, 23.02.18
Eïs, former Geïst, released the album Bannstein three years ago. I had a taste for it. But something, which I couldn't quite put my finger on, was missing. It's been gathering dust ever since.
At the time, I blamed the artificial synth , but now I suspect that unrefined structures are just as much to blame. Bannstein has a nice expression, but the music quickly becomes average, displaying no greater depth.
With Stillstand und Heimkehr, the band showcase a greater span of its repertoire, and suddenly all the pieces seem to fall into place.

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Serpents Lair - Perpetual Hunger Killer!

Amor Fati Prod. & Fallen Empire Rec., 19.02.18
Already at the outset of the new year 2016, one of the best discs of the year was released. It's admittedly a truth with modifications, seeing as how Danish Serpents Lair actually album-debuted a couple of months earlier.
The magnificent album Circumambulating the Stillborn wasn't available on physical discs until just after the new year, though.
Two years later, the band is back. And then, another 8 months passed.
If you've missed out on Perpetual Hunger, it's time to open your eyes. Otherwise, suffer this reprise.

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Living Altar - Scythes Towards Psyche Good

Inferna Profundus Records, 12.02.18
We're still dwelling in February when it comes to EPs. Thus I better put the pedal to the metal, if we're even suppose to close in on summer time before bloody Christmas is all over us.
Living Altar is a band consisting of manic and morbid Lithuanians. At least if one should judge by the music.
The trio has a demo, a split and seven years of practise under the bullet belt.
On Scythes Towards Psyche, they burn through 6 perverted hymns in just under 22 minutes.

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