Reviews 2018 - Week 32
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Reviews Week 32 - 2018



Profezia - Dodekaprofeton Dice 5

Moribund Records, 10.08.18
Except from the ten-year-old debut album Black Misanthropic Elite, I'm not very familiar with Profezia.
Said album was of the mediocre kind that didn't make a revisit all that appealing.
Meanwhile, the band has released two more albums.
The band was conceived in 2000 and consists primarily of members from Italy, although Scandinavia is also represented.
I can't seem to figure out who allegedly hails from Norway, as Encyclopaedia Metallum claims, though.

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Tujarot - Existencialista Dice 4

Iron Bonehead, 06.07.18
Last summer, Slovakian Tujarot released their debut album Existencialista in triple-CD format with handmade triangular wrapping in extremely limited edition of only 39 copies.
Each CD contained one lengthy song. Iron Bonehead have now collected these songs of fairly even duration on a single 36-minutes vinyl release.
The songs fit well together, and the material deserves more than just 39 listeners.
And if you don't have a record player, the Slovakians offer the digital version for an optional price.

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Lychgate - The Contagion in Nine Steps Dice 5

Blood Music, 30.03.18
London-based Lychgate have once again blessed the congregation with an occult liturgy.
I was profoundly pleased with the previous album, An Antidote for the Glass Pill (2015), but sceptical as to whether The Contagion in Nine Steps would be able to maintain the same eminent level of quality.
Not much indicated that at first listen, as the album simply sounded a bit messy. But the most ingenious music often keeps the cards close to the chest. The brilliancy of the hidden details are rarely revealed immediately.

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Burial Invocation - Abiogenesis Dice 4

Dark Descent Records, 06.07.18
Burial Invocation had the honour of becoming the first artist released on Dark Descent Records with their debut EP Rituals of the Grotesque.
That's more than eight years ago now.
After a split in 2011, it's been fairly quiet from the band, which is something as non-trivial as a blistering death metal band from Turkey.
Abiogenesis contains no more than five tracks, the latter of which is a short acoustic outro, but the album still lasts for about 43 minutes.

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All My Sins - Zov iz Magle Killer

Independent, 07.02.18
The Serbian black metal band All My Sins was started in 2000, and quickly released two demos.
Than, 13 years of silence followed, before the two remaining members broke the silence with the exquisite EPen Lunar / Solar in January 2017.
This not only marked their return to the stage, but also a transition to much more refined material.
Zov iz Magle, released on 7" vinyl in 200 copies early in this year, is a good old-fashioned single for the upcoming album Pra sila - Vukov totem, to be released on September 23rd.

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