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Reviews Week 31 - 2018


AMNUTSEBA - DEMO II / I-VI (Compilation)

Amnutseba - I-VI Good

Caligari Rec., 06.02.18 & Iron Bonehead, 31.05.18
Last spring, the odious French entity Amnutseba debuted with their first demo, simply called Demo. This consisted of the songs I, II, IV and V.
The four-track release consisted of rancid dissonant dystopia, which for most people would feel like licking a porcupine “against the grain” of the spines.
In February, the French followed up with Demo II, which complemented those songs with even longer III and VI.
In order to complete the work, all songs were later arranged in the correct order, and released as a compilation.

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Istårn - Withering World Good

Independent, 26.01.18
The Western Norwegians in Istårn (Ice Tower) released a two-track single of 12 minutes early this year.
This came out two years after the last sign of life, the Cosmic Scar single.
Five years have passed since Istårn album-debuted with Skyggeland, which was released two years after the debut EP Downfall of the Gods.
I won't make the claim that the band, which has existed since 2010, has re-located, but it will probably be more correct to say that the band dwell in the surroundings of the city of Bergen now.

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Mortuus Umbra - Catechism Mortuus Umbra - Omnipraesent

Oration & Independent, 10.01.18 & 11.01.18
Mortuus Umbra from Tel Aviv, Israel was started in 2015, and dropped the Holy Procreation single and the Catechism EP the same year.
The band consists of members linked to bands such as Har, Eternal Gray, Sonne Adam and The Bishop of Hexen, and plays a form of sinister, doomy black metal.
Catechism was reissued in January, rapidly followed by a new EP called Omnipraesent.

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