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Reviews Week 27 - 2018



Funeral Mist - Hekatomb Dice 5

Norma Evangelium Diaboli, 15.06.18
Swedish Funeral Mist doesn't need much of an introduction, but I'll give 'em a quick intro anyway. The band has rattled their sabres in the underground since the 90's, and their two previous albums (plus, plus) have put the band on the map.
The band was established in 1993, and released three demos and an EP before the turn of the millennium. People from among others Dark Funeral, Thyring and In Aeternum were involved in this period, but after the first album Salvation (2003), Arioch, also known as Mortuus from Marduk, has been alone at the helmet.

barbed wire


Marduk - Viktoria Dice 4

Century Media Records, 22.06.18
For the fourteenth time, the Swedish veterans are out with a new full blood manifesto. The content of Viktoria is once again war propaganda à la Marduk.

Viktoria is high paced and concise, like an effective military onslaught, characterized by massive bombardments with extreme precision. In 34 minutes, 9 warheads are detonated to a deafening barrage of grenades and mitrailleuses.


barbed wire

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