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Reviews Week 14 - 2018



Misanthropic Rage - Igne Natura Renovatur Integra Dice 4

Godz ov War Productions, 12.03.18
16 months after the debut Gates No Longer Shut, the Polish duo Misanthropic Rage is back with more distinctive black metal.
Sophomore Igne Natura Renovatur Integra is admittedly not as peculiarly and odd as the previous album, but it does have the band's bizarre signature mood intact.
Much thanks to the sound.
The soundscape feels like the resonant echo that you might encounter in long tunnels. The atmosphere assumes a form of tunnel vision, as you fall into trance.

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Angantyr - Ulykke Dice 3

Northern Silence Productions, 30.03.18
The Danish one-man band Angantyr ought to be a well-known name among connoisseurs of blasphemous underground extreme metal. Sole ruler Ynleborgaz, has fronted naked, cold and primitive black metal since the 90's. It is now 20 years since Angantyr released its first demo.
Although the band is probably Denmark's most famous black metal band, the name doesn't seem to be the hottest.
Ulykke, meaning Accident, is the sixth album since the debut Kampen Fortsætter in 2000.

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Demonical - Chaos Manifesto Dice 3

Agonia Records, 23.03.18
The combat machine Demonical roll tirelessly on.
The band is back with another dose of blackened scorched death metal. The constellation now has over ten years of experience, and was briefly and incompletely presented in connection with the EP Black Flesh Redemption.
The band sounds unmistakably Swedish on Chaos Manifesto. No expense is spared on buzz-saw distortion. The use of HM2 pedal ain't used sparingly.
I have a taste for Demonical, although the band don't impress a whole lot this time around.

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