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Reviews Week 36 - 2017



Cannabis Corpse - Left Hand Pass Dice 4

Season of Mist, 08.09.17
It may be easy to dismiss a band called Cannabis Corpse as simply a parody band. But doing that would be a rash mistake. Even with a parodic title like Left Hand Pass, the Americans deliver deadly goods that stands firmly on its own feet.
The band ain't my absolute death metal favourite, and during the first spin, their new album felt rather generic. The bong-raisers have nevertheless always delivered a decent downpour, something they also do this time around. The brothers Landphil and HallHammer are also gradually starting to becoming ever so experienced.

barbed wire


Kafirun - Eschaton Dice 4

Seance Records, 26.06.17
When Kafirun, a for me totally unknown band, brings fairly atonal and kaleidoscopic black metal with occult overtones to the table, one would think it would be spot on.
At the first and second attempt, however, I don't entirely get their music. After a while, the impression improved and the album became quite pleasant.
In many cases, I would say “unpleasant”, but the album is comfortable and I don't feel that the inhospitality is aimed at me as such.

barbed wire


Argus - From Fields Of Fire Dice 3

Cruz Del Sur Music, 08.09.17
Time to dip the toes in the fountain of youth again.
Argus is an American heavy metal band that might not need any introduction among genre connoisseurs, but that's not to say that any bells of remembrance chimes for me.
The band has amongst other three albums behind them, released from 2009 to 2013. In other words, it' been a few years.
From Fields Of Fire is a thorough work, and I enjoy the album's company, but a few subjective appeals still reduce the overall impression.

barbed wire

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