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Reviews Week 32 - 2017



Incantation - Profane Nexus Dice 4

Relapse Records, 18.08.17
After pioneers like Death set the bar for a new, more brutal form of extremity with albums towards the end of the eighties, more newcomers soon arrived. Morbid Angel, Autopsy Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Deicide, Obituary and others quickly joined in.
Amongst other Incantation, a band hell-bent on taking the genre in an even darker and more ominous direction.
After 28 years in the game, Incantation has long since become veterans, who with steadfast perseverance continue their ever-downward-spiralling journey into the vortex.

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Gravdal - Kadaverin Dice 3

Soulseller Records, 11.08.17
The black metal scene of Bergen is characterized by diversity, and is in general no stranger to innovation. Gravdal, with over ten years behind them, has in the past dealt with traditional black metal. Seven years after sophomore Torturmantra, time is seemingly ripe for renewal. To achieve this, it's not always necessary to look forward. Sometimes the inspiration might just as well lie latent in the past, in one's own cultural heritage.
I'm fond of genuine traditional black metal, and “losing” a band in favour of changes in musical direction can be woeful...

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The Lurking Fear - Out Of The Voiceless Grave Dice 3

Century Media Records, 11.08.17
The Lurking Fear has taken their name from Lovecraft's short story by the same name, but there's not much that's lurking about their music.
The band consists of veterans in the Swedish metal scene. People who understandably want to avoid the awkward label supergroup. The guys have known each other for decades, and The Lurking Fear as such is a natural alliance.
The band released an EP in May, consisting of three tracks that are also brought on to this first album, to be released shortly.

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Ancalagon - Gateway Specter Dice 4

Independent, 23.06.17
Ancalagon, like four other metal bands, has taken their name from the dragon Ancalagon the Black, bred by Morgoth (aka Melkor), during the First Age of Middle-earth according to Tolkien's book The Silmarillion.
If the name don't stand out all that much, at least Ancalagon differs from most of everything I've heard of metal from New York. Admittedly, the band doesn't hail from the core of the rotten apple, but from Rochester, a small town in the state of New York, next to Lake Ontario and close to the Canadian border. As such, they're closer to Toronto than The Big Apple.
And just to point it out: the cover is fairly misleading.

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Akatharta - Spiritus Immundus Dice 3

Pulverised Records, 23.06.17
With infamous Kam Lee as frontman, notorious from death metal bands like Mantas/Death, Massacre and The Grotesquery, I expected another round of lethality by ways of yore. It turns out, however, that Akatharta is a project with quite a different agenda.

The band was founded under the moniker Urizen in 1999, but changed its name a few years later.
Members have come and gone, and nothing has been released until now.

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