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Reviews Week 8 - 2017



Ex Deo - The Immortal Wars Dice 5

Napalm Records, 24.02.17
Ex Deo from Montreal have, with the exception of a brief hiatus, been symphonic playground for Kataklysm's front man Maurizio Iacono since 2004. Additionally two Kataklysm members and Dano Apekian from Ashes of Eden quickly reported their interest, and by 2015, all members of Kataklysm were involved.

The Immortal Wars is the side project's third full length album, and the band, as you might know, plays symphonic death metal.

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Obitus - Slaves of the Vast Machine Dice 5

Hypnotic Dirge Rec. & Black Plague Rec., 16.02.17
Obitus is a duo from Gothenburg, and Slaves of the Vast Machine is their second full length album.
Anders and Johan started the band in 2000, but after a demo and contributions to a split, other projects took up most of their time. Material intended for a debut was largely shelved or downright discarded as the band felt they had evolved and grown away from it. Three songs intended for the never completed album with the working title Sonnilon were experimented with and released as the EP Strategema before work on the debut The March of the Drones were initiated.

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Ctulu - Ctulu Dice 4

MDD Records, 18.11.16
The eponymous album from German Ctulu is the band's fourth album, but also my first encounter with them. Some months have passed since I first heard the song Treibjagd. The song never quite ceased to gnaw on my cerebral cortex, and finally I found it safest to transmitt a promo inquiry.
More time have been running out like sand into a sinkhole since I was granted audience in Ctulu's world of burning fiery resentment, but not without a gradually increasing acquaintance with the album's essence via sporadic listening sessions and an intense final sprint.

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Sons Ov Omega - Reign Dice 3

Black Lion Records, 18.02.17
Sons Ov Omega from Umeå, Sweden was started by two guys in 2012, but quickly increased to a quartet. The years before going into the studio in 2015 to record this debut album, was used just as much on finding a common identity as to composing material.
Those who judge this album by its cover is also most likely doomed to get it wrong. The cover is detailed and dark, and bear witness to technical perfection. The guys are indeed competent enough, but I was expecting quite a bit rawer black/death, and a more experienced bands.

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HaXXan - Loch Ness Rising Dice 4

Hells Headbangers, 17.02.17
Loch Ness Rising is the first sign of black magic from HaXXan, a band founded by American Killjoy DeSade (Wurdulak) and band colleague Shawn Slusarek from Necrophagia in 2011. During the last year, the two remaining Necrophagia members joined the ranks of HaXXan, practically making this a side project.

Killjoy is a long-time admirer of Aleister Crowley, and the album with the fairly odd title is conceptually based on the founder of Thelema, a philosophical religion based on an astral message received telepathically.

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