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Impressions Week 30 - 2017



Ljosazabojstwa - Sychodžańnie Good

Hellthrasher Productions, 30.06.17
Just over a year ago, we visited Belarusian Ljosazabojstwa, or LSZB, as they spell it out for short. I gave Staražytnaje licha a medium grade. However, I predicted the band a promising future. In addition, the primitive expression and the diabolical moods have grown somewhat later on. It seems the release was a demo, and a strong one as such.
Sychodžańnie at least is an EP, and its playing time is also extended to a little more than half an hour.
What the titles mean is as hazy as who constitutes the mysterious entity Ljosazabojstwa.

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Mitochondrion - Antinumerology Good

Krucyator Productions, 26.07.17
I've heard good things about Canadian Mitochondrion, but Miss Fortuna never arranged any meeting between us.
Just days after I decided to take matters into my own hands via the band's Bandcamp, where the Canadians treat us with an optional price on both EP and both their albums, I also received Antinumerology through a PR agency.
Destiny seems to help those who help themselves. (Something that reinforces a sceptic's disbelief regarding supernatural impact in much the same way as those self-fulfilling prophecies that strengthen the faith of the naive.)

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Acedia Mundi - Speculum Humanae Salvationis Good

Throats Prod., 02.05.17 & Narbentage Prod., 21.07.17
“Life is great, without it, you'd be dead”, says an apathetic and clearly disillusioned child before all hell breaks loose in the form of abnormal, deranged, atonal, and surely malodorous black metal. I admittedly only have a digital copy to relate to, but I swear that something stinks.
The quartet consists of three Frenchmen and a Spaniard, all young and apparently relatively fresh in the game.
Only the Spaniard has a few more irons in the fire, including Atavisma, which we'll probably return to some horrid day.
Bah! Amateurs and posers. Humbug!