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Impressions Week 21 - 2017


F41.0 - BÜRDE

F41.0 - Bürde Good

Geisterasche Organisation, 19.05.17
Within psychiatry in particular, the International Class-ification of Diseases (ICD) is used to catalogue various disorders. The code F41.0 represents panic disorder of the episodic paroxysmal anxiety type. I.e. recurrent but unpredictable and irregular panic-like anxiety attacks with symptoms such as palpitation, dizziness, a sensation of asphyxiation and surrealism, et al., which in turn often leads to fear of death or losing ones mind.
The Germans who's name is derived from this unpleasant diagnosis, plays, as is only naturally, an uncomfortable moody form of black metal.

barbed wire


Au-Dessus - End Of Chapter Good

Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions, 19.05.17
The quartet from Lithuania released their first EP in early 2015, but self-titled Au-Dessus wasn't presented until a year later.
By then the drummer had already quit, and I reported that the band was reduced to a trio. The band has got a new skin-whipper and he may already have been in place back then.
In the world of metal, accurate information is not always the easiest to obtain, and the most convenient source of basic information, Encyclopaedia Metallum, is not to be trusted blindly. Details, schmetails.



Highland - Loyal to the Nightsky Good

Independent, 15.05.17
Highland is the name of the band, but no, they're by no means musically related to Skiltron or Saor.
The guys play sturdy black metal in accordance with the nineties and Scandinavia, and are so loyal to the second wave that guessing their origin based on the music would be a hopeless task.
The band consists of three Armenian-Americans living in Los Angeles, and was formed in 2008, a few years after they first tried on speed/thrash for size under the moniker Raze. Meanwhile, more specifically in 2013, they dropped a self-titled EP.

barbed wire