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Impressions Week 9 - 2017



Ars Magna Umbrae - Through Lunar Gateways Killer

Independent, 14.02.17
My knowledge about Polish Ars Magna Umbrae is rather meagre. The band consists entirely of D.A Khthōn, which in addition to creating and playing music, has produced and released his debut EP on his own. The only involvement he has apparently permitted, is some guest vocals from Hekte Zaren. She is also Polish, and dwells in Adaestuo.
On the drawing board, Through Lunar Gateways with its 7 tracks can look like a full-length, but appearance is deceptive. The duration is limited to 23 minutes, which however is a respectable length for an EP.

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Miserist - Miserist Good

Krucyator Productions, 13.02.16
This self-titled debut EP comes from an Australian one-man band that engage in experimental black/death.

The project previously went under the moniker Headwar who released a demo before changing the name to Miserist. Apart from that, the band is shrouded in a mist of anonymous mystery.

The EP comes with an ample amount of music. Six tracks of highly variable length clock in at nearly half an hour.

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SKOGEN - SVITJOD & ELD (Re-release)

Skogen - Svitjod & Eld Good

Nordvis Produktion, 07.10.16/ 24.02.17
I gave the Swedes a weak four points for their fourth album I Döden (2014) almost three years ago. The album was alright, pleasant and atmospheric, but also a little meek, frail and toothless. Although the genre is called atmospheric black metal, it borrows elements from black metal without being black metal.

Nordvis has recently relaunched album number two and three, Svitjod (2011) & Eld (2012), both of which have been sold out for some time.

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