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Impressions Week 8 - 2017



Paria - Knochenkamp Killer

W.T.C. Productions, 25.12.16
Due to familial reasons, I didn't review anything on Christmas Day. Time is thus overripe to introduce German Paria, and their newest release, the Knochenkamp EP.
The black metal band started in 1995 but only released demos during their first ten years. Ten years ago, they summed up the demo era with a compilation of officially released as well as unreleased demo material, before embarking on an age of studio albums.
After three of those, Knochenkamp was up next, and it's an EP that truly offers bang for the buck, as we receive almost half an hour of evil metal to revel in.


BLACKHEARTS (Documentary)

Blackhearts Middling/Good

Gammaglimt, 27.01.17
Good evening headbangers and mistresses, this is you host for the evening. (Now imagine Gorger with plastic fangs and a cheap bat costume). Tonight's feature presentation is brought to you by "Cooper's upside down upside down crosses Ltd – Crosses for any occasion". Crack open a beer and an artery and enjoy and ingest yourself. Mohahaha *cough*
Now, let's roll that tape!
– What do you do when every conceivable controversial aspects of black metal is told and retold through what feels like dozens of documentaries?
– Well, you find a new angles and new stories to tell.
– At least, that's the impression one is left with having seen Blackhearts.

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ORATION MMXVI (Live Compilation)

Oration MMXVI - Live Compilation Killer

Oration Records, 20.02.17
Live albums have largely outlived their usefulness, just as compilations have lost a lot of their magic over the years. This is nevertheless a particularly honourable exception.
Oration is an Icelandic festival organized by Oration Records, started in 2016. The 2017 edition of the festival, or Oration MMXVII, was arranged over three days and held last weekend.
The live document we are to take a quick look at here, are recordings from last year's Oration MMXVI:
12 bands, 12 songs and 85 minutes of pure black metal.

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Sinmara / Misþyrming - Ivory Stone / Hof Killer

Terratur Possessions, 20.01.17
Sinmara and Misþyrming are beyond question two of the best bands to follow in Svartidauði's kaleidoscopic footsteps. Iceland, in Norway also known as the saga island, have rapidly become shrouded in a thick layer of infernal volcanic ash, and now emerge more like a nightmare island bathed in the red hot light of hell firing thunderclouds.
Today, a live album from the first edition of the Icelandic Oration festival is being released, something I promise to come back to, but first a quick report from a short and succinct split, released on the day a month ago.

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