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Impressions Week 5 - 2017


EVER CIRCLING WOLVES - Of Woe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gloom

Ever Circling Wolves - Of Woe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gloom Good

Cimmerian Shade Recordings, 27.01.17
Not all metal works optimally if you are tired or stressed out, or got some good old-fashioned hangover headache.
I found this promo in the mailbox an early Saturday morning, just around one o'clock. I was sceptical toward the music in the first place, as it's not quite my style, but I ended up listening to it for over half an hour. Unusually long just in order to check out a promo, so I decided to give it a quick presentation.

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AcoD - Inner Light Good

Independent, 10.12.16
The French extreme-metal mongers of AcoD released this three-track EP at the end of their ten-year anniversary last year.
The quintet has three albums and another EP behind them, without my radar picking up the band.
During eleven minutes, the guys find an outlet for their aggression by burning of three evenly long songs characterized by fiery indignation. The music contains a bit of all three major extreme metal genres, but the thrash segments are the most dominant.

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Epoch - Sacrosanct (2017) Good

Lavadome Productions, 31.01.17
The fact that this is a re-release of an album originally released in 2015 gives me a valid and golden excuse to present it as an Impression, thus saving a bit of time.
Preciously little is revealed by cover art and title, so let's start of by shedding some light on Sacrosanct. Atonal death metal is what you're at risk of exposure to.
Do consider wearing ear protection.
Epoch is a Belgian one-man band, and Sacrosanct is so far the only release. That is, R.P. (Omega Centauri, Sanctus Nex) have moved to Stockholm.

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Kjeld / Wederganger - Kjeld / Wederganger Middling

Ván Records, 27.01.17
450 years ago, the Dutch War of Independence started. Commonly named by its duration, it's probably better known as the Eighty Years' War. The war was a revolt against the Spanish overlordship and the inquisition. At the time, the regions of Friesland and Gelderland stood together, shoulder to shoulder.
The time has come to fight side by side once again.

We've met Wederganger before, but Kjeld, who beats them by ten years of service, unfortunately haven't been presented here before.

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